Jul 30

Crafting with My Girl

I’ve had my website for over 3 years, frequently using it to post some of my new creations; but rarely using it to write about anything at length. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who could “blog” about myself so I thought I would start with an easy topic. Crafting with my favorite girl…

In an attempt to keep our daughter Eleanor (age 2) occupied while we shopped for a new refrigerator, I “borrowed” a few color samples from the paint department at Lowes. Rather than returning our collection when we were done (& risk being banned for life), I decided we would bring them home for a rainy day craft.

First we started with a hole punch to cut out different color flowers. Great for fine motor skills, color identification, and beginning 1:1 correspondence, for all you math teachers out there!

For the next hour we mastered using a glue stick and fought the urge to wash our hands frequently.


Ellie loved “special projecting” as she called it, picking out her own colors and sharing with me as we worked together.
Who would have thought that a trip to Lowes could inspire such beauty?



More projects to come as we enter month 2 of Mommy Ellie Summer 2014…